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CountVonCount added a forum post

SkyForge Open Beta

Some gameplay from the first open world instance area. Playing Cryomancer.
CountVonCount added a forum post

SkyForge Open Beta

Daily login rewardsMore screenshots in the IMGUR FOLDERSS of fashion mostly and different appearance settings.All the fashion can be worn anytime, and all afaik are free from the start, and you can change different colour selections.Only the creme...
xGIOx added a forum post

SkyForge Open Beta

Tank for life. ty for info also dont have time x.x
CountVonCount added a forum thread

SkyForge Open Beta

Some SS from Open Beta if anyone is interested. Only played 45 mins or so. Wont have time to play too much until next Tues due to work -.-The fashion and character creation is nice. Can be any gender and can change appearances and gender any time....
MoraisRequiem added a forum thread


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